Punch Drunk has expanded and evolved.

We have grown steadily since our inception in 1998, and now sit at the magical intersection of live events, multi-camera broadcast, and onsite production. Our services include onsite audiovisual like lighting and sound, a turnkey live streaming studio, and a mobile production unit.

We are your plug & play technical production team for stage, streaming, gaming, galas, cooking, concerts, auctions, awards, fundraisers, festivals, lectures, launches, exhibitions, and events.

Mobile Unit


Our high-roof extended length cargo van does more than ferry equipment around to venues. This is a mobile platform ready to provide live multi-camera production without the need for an existing structure or front-of-house.

Flight Ready


To remain nimble and ready to go at a moment’s notice, our equipment is pre-packed in custom Pelican cases that are perfect for air freight. We can have an entire show on a cargo flight in moments.

Live Studio


Created during the pandemic but proving continually useful, our MicroStudio is ideal for interviews, remote panel discussions, hosting web streams, and running virtual events.

In-house Equipment


Our in-house inventory supplies 99% of the gear we need on any given production. This means we can respond more quickly, with better pricing, and with higher reliability than a production company whose performance is based upon 3rd-party-sourced equipment.

Full-time Staff


In addition to a deep bench of skilled contractors and technicians, Punch Drunk has a 5-person full-time staff. Large enough to respond quickly to the changing needs of live production but compact enough to keep our pricing competitive.



Over two decades in live production has built ironclad relationships with partner vendors in related fields. We can bring on board everything from stadium-sized PA systems and lighting rigs, fundraising strategists, and application designers to partner venues of every shape and size.

Onsite Audiovisual


Expanding from our traditional footprint of cameras and crew, we offer onsite audiovisual elements such as large-screen LCD TVs, small sound systems, wireless microphones, teleprompters, downstage monitors, small venue lighting, and more.

White Label


Punch Drunk can integrate with your agency or production company to provide a seamless experience to your customers or end clients. We are your external in-house technical production team.

Expanded Services & Onsite Audiovisual


We now provide end-to-end live production support: from cameras & streaming to lights & sound. Your next event just got easier.

Punch Drunk has branched out from purely cameras and streaming onsite, where an additional vendor might be needed to provide AV elements, to incorporating audiovisual elements into our primary footprint when we are at your office, venue, or location. We can provide all of the audiovisual elements you need for your next company meeting, hybrid event, or in-person live broadcast. Our services include:


  • Small PA systems for meeting
  • Medium PA systems for ballrooms
  • Large PA systems for stadiums
  • Wireless microphones
  • Wired, wireless, and hybrid intercom
  • Mixing live bands and music


  • Small-scale lighting for interviews
  • Medium-scale lighting for events (5-50 person)
  • Large-scale concert lighting
  • Rigging and truss
  • Power generation and distribution


  • Broadcast production (sports, concerts, awards shows)
  • IMAG (music festivals, concerts)
  • Video system design (touring & event-based)
  • Video studio design (permanent install)
  • Web streaming & virtual events
  • Turnkey streaming studio


  • Post-production (video editing, audio editing, captions, color)
  • Pre-production: scheduling, scripting, content design
  • Sizzle reels from events
  • Corporate storytelling
  • Fund-a-need videos for non-profits & charitable organizations


  • Video projection & screens
  • Large screen LCD TVs
  • Stage decks and camera risers
  • Tech drape
  • Confidence monitors
  • Teleprompters with operators
  • LED walls

Featured Work

Check out some of the shoots, broadcasts, and projects we are proud to have produced and worked on with our clients and colleagues.