Multi-camera broadcast

Go from shooting a simple live performance to multiple jib cranes, robotic heads, inflatable ball cams, wireless video systems, aerial drones, and anywhere in between.

Large screen

Decades of experience with music festivals, projection mapping, and LED walls collide with our custom-built CITRINE media servers for a sky’s-the-limit menu of possibilities.


Reach beyond your event and stream to viewers worldwide through our own EngageStreaming platform or YouTube, Ustream, Facebook, and Twitch.

Live video design

In between the camera lenses and
audience’s eyeballs is a complex
infrastructure of servers, switchers,
backup systems, and fiber optics
…we love designing the impossible.

Content Creation

Masters of delivering champagne on a
beer budget. Our team includes world-class
storytellers, producers, directors, DPs, artists,
and some of the toughest guerilla
shooters out there.

Mixed Reality VR

Bring the VR experience outside of the headset with our mixed-reality VR systems. Watch a player inside the virtual world. Bring your own green screen or we’ll build the whole show.

Punch Drunk builds
unconventional video systems.

Streaming video from a moving vehicle, running live content at 12k resolutions, beaming wireless video five miles with near-zero latency, designing mixed-reality VR workflows, and even producing basic multi-camera broadcasts.

We excel at live production.

We’re at our best when the clock is ticking — concerts, pro gaming & eSports, conferences, exhibitions — directing event broadcasts in realtime, producing the media used during and after the show, and designing the complex systems that make it all work.

Full Services Roster

Multi-camera to Live Broadcast

Whether an event needs coverage for the crowd inside or to an audience online, we’ve got it covered. From basic HD packages to native 4k; from one stage to an entire festival.

Multi-camera to Post

We have bridged the gap between live directing and post-production: we’re now able to direct a show on a live switcher, record all the live cuts, and import the entire show into Premiere or Final Cut as if the editor made the multicam cuts natively.

Concert iMag

Filming bands can be like working during earthquake under a rocket engine while skydiving. Fortunately, we’ve perfected the art of ducking beer cans and thrown elbows while holding a steady shot.

Ultra-High-Res Media Servers & Playback

Going higher than high-def? Our CITRINE servers deliver multiple layers of 8k video across virtually unlimited canvases without breaking a sweat.

Long-Range Wireless Video

Our purpose-built long-range wireless video systems are capable of connecting transmit and receive points up to 15 miles away with only 2 frames of latency.

Customized Web Streaming

We offer a white-label CDN with virtually unlimited bandwidth and customization with support for all the major streaming platforms: YouTube, Ustream, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, and Livestream.

Event Landing Pages is a platform we built specifically for live events to have an effective landing page with streaming video. Platform-agnostic and totally customizable.

Projection & LED Mapping

For when your video content goes beyond the basic 16:9 box. We’ll cover domes, spheres, and any shape imaginable with video projection or LED wall and keep it running smooth.

Content Design for Live Playback

Go beyond the slide deck with custom-designed motion logos, ultra-wide content, video bumpers, and motion fly-in graphics. We’ll keep it consistent with existing branding or create it totally fresh.

LED Walls & Displays

We partner with providers across the country if an event needs LED Walls, video projection, or mobile video displays.

Multi-Area Infrastructure Design

Large events with multiple stages, simulcast requirements, concurrent web streams, and fast timelines present a unique set of challenges that we love tackling.

Mixed Reality VR Design & Operation

Our custom mixed-reality VR workflow was designed with Valve and HTC to showcase gameplay against a green screen to show the player inside the game to anybody watching. Break out of the headset with mixed-reality VR and engage everybody watching.

Pro Gaming & eSports

Live video for online gaming demands a unique set of technical and creative skills. From Dota2 to Guild Wars to Rocket League: we’ve been there and get it right.

Produced Videos

When a project requires content creation in addition to (or instead of) live video, we offer concept-to-delivery production of commercial and narrative projects, as well as video and creative support for other agencies. Promotional spots, “ask” videos, company overviews, music videos, and interviews.

Sizzle Reels

Event recap sizzle reels are the lasting payoff after the confetti settles. We produce engaging video look-backs that show-off the night’s excitement forever – standalone or packaged with our other live video services.

Live UHD & 4k

Native multi-camera production in UHD & 4k resolutions for content creation and even streaming.

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