D-Wave Qubits 2021 - Seattle Segments

D-Wave Qubits 2021 - Seattle Segments

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Live multi-camera production on stage from Seattle as part of a multi-site, multi-studio conference for quantum computer innovator D-Wave.

“The Qubits conference gives D-Wave users the opportunity to present their most recent results related to the application of quantum annealing in logistics, materials science, healthcare, machine learning and financial models.”

D-Wave Technology Update: Product Expansion & Cross Platform Roadmap | Qubits 2021


  • Top-tier Maryland-based live event producers Podium Arts Communications brought Punch Drunk on board to produce the Seattle-based segments for the complex multi-day Quibits Conference in 2021
  • Two “mirror” locations were created with matching sets – one in Seattle and one in Vancouver, BC – which were then linked with a master control room (MCU) in Maryland, which stitched together the two live sites with other remote locations and VOD content
  • A 20k laser projector and floating rear-projection screen provided background graphics for the live presenters
  • Four broadcast cameras with one camera crane were set up inside the theater with no live audience – all remote viewers
  • Multiple tiers of SRT backhaul connected the Seattle and Vancouver, BC sites to the MCU in Virginia
  • Multiple chains of redundant recording on all ISO channels were active throughout the show, and then delivered same-day for editing

Behind the Scenes & Screenshots