First Flight of Eviation’s Alice

First Flight of Eviation’s Alice

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Punch Drunk live streams the inaugural flight of Alice, Eviation’s game-changing all-electric aircraft

"It's really ushering in a new era. This is the first radical change in aerospace propulsion technology since we went from the Super Constellation to the (Boeing) 707 — from the piston engine to the jet engine — and now to the electric motor.” – Eviation CEO, Gregory Davis


On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, Alice flew for eight minutes at 3,500 feet and collected data that will help the company further optimize the aircraft for commercial production. Punch Drunk produced the live web broadcast that showcased this historical aeronautical event to the world.

  • Live broadcast from Grant County International Airport
  • Primary camera with sport lens positioned at the top of a scissor lift to provide sweeping coverage of the entire flight
  • Secondary camera location positioned at a remote site on the tarmac for additional coverage and post-flight press release
  • Multiple redundant wireless links between base station in the hangar and a remote site on the tarmac provided resilient layers of live feeds, LAN, and comms
  • Huge thank you to production partner Thinkatron and collaborator John Mortensen for bringing Punch Drunk into this project

First Flight of Eviation’s All-Electric Alice Aircraft: Full Livestream Program

Behind the Scenes & Screenshots