FareStart Guest Chef Night at Home

FareStart Guest Chef Night at Home

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When Farestart’s Guest Chef Night went virtual, Punch Drunk came on board to produce and broadcast the live-to-tape show.

“Join us for one of our 2021 virtual Guest Chef Night events that will focus on a culinary theme or skill featuring local, award-winning chefs. FareStart’s Chef Wayne Johnson will serve as the host.” The Farestart Guest Chef Night at Home series were all shot live-to-tape, meaning no retakes* or pre-planned orchestration! What you see is live and unrehearsed.

*except once to reduce some jam for 20 minutes!

Practicing Preservation with Chefs Natalie Evans and Brendan McGill

Art of the Appetizers with Chefs Rachel Yang & Melissa Miranda

Perfecting Pizza with Chef Francisco Migoya at Modernist Cuisine

Chopping Like a Pro with Chefs Kristi Brown & Varin Keokitvon