YWCA Virtual Luncheon 2021

YWCA Virtual Luncheon 2021

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YWCA’s 2021 virtual luncheon brought political & voting rights powerhouse Stacey Abrams to a rapt audience, hosted by Angela Poe Russell and Roberta Romero from Punch Drunk Studios.

"YWCA’s Luncheons bring together more than 2,500 guests in support of women and families annually. Last year, this generous group raised over $660,000 to fund programs that provide resources for gender-based violence survivors, affordable housing, and job training. Attendees from across the country can join in through a fully interactive virtual portal for to celebrate the strength, resilience, and boldness of the women in YWCA's community.”


  • Punch Drunk worked with production partner Synchronicity Events to create this memorable virtual event
  • Live broadcast from Punch Drunk Studios
  • Pre-production & asset review
  • Turnkey studio with cameras, lights, sound, and all equipment needed for live streaming and capture
  • Zoomator™ camera & teleprompter system for perfect eye line
  • Set design (in conjunction with YWCA and Synchronicity Events)
  • Live closed-captioning
  • Remote production to bring Stacey Abrams live into the show