Seattle Theatre Group's Doors

Seattle Theatre Group's Doors

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Seattle Theatre Group / Connors & Co

Punch Drunk has both produced and directed the DOORS video element since the event’s inception in 2008.

“There is no other night quite like DOORS. Each year, DOORS brings you new and incredible experiences featuring internationally known performers and some of Seattle’s best local talent. Just imagine what wonders await you in 2012. Enjoy an evening of casual dining and diverse performances while seated on the ballroom floor of The Paramount Theatre. Catered by Tom Douglas with Silver Lake wines. Featuring exclusive STG silent auction items.”

Historical Clips & Motion Graphics Montage


Punch Drunk is a proud sponsor of “DOORS,” the Seattle Theatre Group’s annual fundraiser.

A non-profit, STG’s mission is to make diverse performing arts and education an integral part of the Northwest region’s rich cultural identity while keeping important landmark venues alive and vibrant.

We direct the live video show, produce all the motion graphics, and produce the overall video show for the event. The screens and projection are handled by Hill Event Group, and Connors & Co produces the full event.

This is a selection of our various branded motion graphic logo loops, sponsor logo loops, image montages, and even a performance from the EriAm Sisters. The main “DOORS” look remains consistent from year to year, but we update the style and look of the videos to match the branding of each year’s event.