Modern Sky Festival

Modern Sky Festival

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Modern Sky

Modern Sky is the biggest record label in China. When they threw a concert at Seattle’s Mural Amphitheater in 2015, Punch Drunk was recruited to produce and direct the live camera iMag show.

Video Recap


This wasn’t just for the LED wall jumbotron on-site: we would be streaming the concert back to China with Modern Sky’s web team as well as capturing every camera ISO in a flat cLOG gamma. Which meant sending “flat” color from the cameras to the switcher, then selectively applying LUTs to each feed based on its destination: the multiviewer, the web stream, recording, or the LED wall.

We shot everything on Canon C300 cameras, a wide variety of glass, and two camera crane jibs. Night-of-show deliverables included the entire program record with and without REC709 LUT plus flat cLOG gamma recordings isolated from each of the six cameras.


Performing Artists

Gang of Four / New Pants / Song Dongye / The Black Lips / Miserable Faith / Ariel Pink / Mirel Wagner