Lightning Talks 2023

Lightning Talks 2023

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Five speakers present timed talks packed with information (this time about snails) at the Seattle Aquarium in a hybrid event with a live audience on-site and hundreds tuning in to the live broadcast through YouTube.

From the Seattle Aquarium’s website:

Are you ready to learn all about the spellbindingly slimy world of snails? Join us for the next installment of our popular Lightning Talks series to discover fascinating facts about marine gastropods, including pinto abalone and more! Five speakers will have five minutes each to wow you with one big—and interesting—idea.

Watch the full program – “Lightning Talks: Snails”

Scope of Work

  • Multi-camera live production
  • Robotic PTZ cameras to bolster 2 live cameras
  • Full mobile production setup on-site same-day
  • Multiple layers of graphical overlays, countdowns, and animated sources
  • Hybrid event presenting simultaneously to live in-person audience and remote viewers on YouTube

Featured Speakers

  • Erin Meyer, Seattle Aquarium
  • Jan Newton, University of Washington
  • Julia Sigwart, Senckenberg Research Institute & Museum
  • Eileen Bates, University of Washington
  • Jen Strongin, Seattle Aquarium
  • Jim Wharton, Seattle Aquarium host & emcee