Foster The People Concert @ WAMU Theater

Foster The People Concert @ WAMU Theater

VJ MixingIMAGLive Production

With less than 24hrs notice, we produced a full iMag show for this sold-out Foster the People concert.

Backstage @ FOH Switching the Show


Around 6:30pm on Monday, June 25th, we got a telephone call about a Foster the People concert coming to Seattle. We were asked to provide a live camera crew, director, and full video gear package with projectors, processing, and so forth.

One catch: the show was the following day, Tuesday June 26th. It’s hard to resist a challenge, so we sprung into action, and by noon the next day had most of the video gear in the venue and setup+, and were line-checked and ready to rock well before doors.

We had a great time working with Foster the People and making the show happen with only a day’s notice! Making it all possible were technical director James Ball, camera operators Mike Astle and Brad Nelson, and director/producer Jacob Stone. Big thanks to photographer David Conger for letting us repost some of his great shots from the event.