Capitol Hill Block Party 2014

The Details


Punch Drunk returned to CHBP for a 2nd year of live iMag for a variety of killer musicians and DJs.

3 days of live music in the middle of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, 10s of thousands of festival-goers and fans, and a huge LED wall upstage.

Our iMag show for Block Party actually extends the main stage visibility by several blocks, increasing the usable capacity of the main stage area several times over.

This time out we also deployed our BallCam, which sends wireless HD video from a huge inflatable ball to the screen as it rolls across the crowd.

Master of motion graphics Peter Rand created detailed interstitial reels and custom 3D animations that played on the big screen during set change and to warm up the crowd.


iMag, Motion graphic design


Amber Giacone, Miles Burnett, Brian Koepke, Jacob Stone, Andrew Jordan, Trevor Wierson, James Ball, Mariana Urban, Brad Nelson, Peter Rand


Check out video of the Wireless HD ball cam in action during RAC‘s set.

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