Stock Music

Stock Music

November 5, 2022
Where to get copyright-free music for streaming and broadcast.

Best free option: YouTube Stock Music Library

  • All music and sound effects are 100% free and pre-cleared to be used with any YouTube stream
  • YouTube’s copyright sniffing algorithms are very sensitive to copyrighted music, so this is the best option for all music in a YouTube stream, even compared to other copyright-free sources
  • Even being given permission by an artist or producer who has their music cataloged by YouTube will not disable YouTube’s copyright detection algorithm
  • Music from other sources can still trigger a copy strike in some cases
  • More information about copy strikes on YouTube:
  • Perfect for use as background music during pre-show and post-show slideshow loops
  • You can download the mp3s directly

Our favorite for-pay stock music option: Premium Beat

  • Huge selection of music
  • Easily sortable with a huge number of characteristics
  • Thus far, all Premium Beat music has worked on YouTube
  • Doesn’t require a subscription, usually a song costs ~ $50 USD
  • Songs are often available in many durations and sub-options