Deck the Hall Ball 2015


Masters of glass Brad, Laura, and Chris rocked the hand-held and long-lens positions while two robotic cameras mounted high in the truss gave us amazing crowd, keys, and drum coverage.

We also debuted M.A.R.C., our Mannequin-articulated Robotic Camera, who donned a festive Santa outfit and stood downstage right for the duration of the show, capturing a unique angle and creeping out fans and bands alike when his robotic, white-beared head rotated around.

T.J. Davis ran scintillating live visuals across the segmented LED backdrop and of course Brian and Andrew made everything actually turn on and work (especially during pesky TCP/IP errors!) while Jacob cut the show.


Live video, iMag, HD projection, VJ mixing, robotic cameras


Andrew Jordan, Chris Millar, Brad Nelson, Laura James, James Ball, Jacob Stone, Dave Endicott, Brian Koepke

Photos by Dave Endicott

DTHB 2015 iMag Sizzle Reel

Set to one of the twenty one pilots drum solos from that night.


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