CES 2018 was an opportunity to collaborate with our friends at HTC during their Vive Pro launch. Punch Drunk worked with HTC’s internal events team to develop and integrate a mixed reality compositing system for multiple players and multiple game experiences.

We traveled to Las Vegas a few days before the conference began to setup and configure the multi-player gaming space and mixed reality compositing system. Ultramatte technology was employed to create complex keying in a challenging chroma situation. In addition to recording masters of all pre-composited game and camera footage, we recorded real-time h.264 recordings of the players in-game experience, and then delivered to players immediately after game play on USB sticks.

Possibly the largest VR space at CES, HTC demoed 4 players in the same VR space simultaneously. This setup was particularly engaging to viewers in the lounge outside the space via large monitors highlighting the live-MR experiences of the participants with near-zero network latency.

Some of the games exhibited at this event were Microdose by Android Jones, Arizona Sunshine (a 4-player zombie shooter), and Google Tiltbrush.




Mixed reality VR, Green screen lighting, Compositing, Rapid file delivery, System design & integration


Brian Koepke, Jack Lipke

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