Punch Drunk joined forces with TPN and Immersive Pro to produce the tournament at MineCon 2016. Punch Drunk kicked the project off when it was a modest footprint with projection and gameplay switching, then when Twitch came on board Immersive Pro took the lead with all design and production.

Immersive Pro did an incredible job in collaboration with Sparks creating a MineCon set replete with trees, bricks, and even TNT. They brought in dual camera crane jibs, a steadicam rig, and a massive back-of-house tech area to support the in-room ultra-high-def screens and Twitch streaming.

Punch Drunk provided projection support, additional iMag switching, and a video engineering element to tie everything together. It was a killer team-up between two fast-moving, cutting edge video teams.

Then TPN brought the entire show together (all the non-video-specific elements); always an immense pleasure working with those top-of-their-game professionals.

During the two days of gameplay Punch Drunk media-wrangled all the camera ISOs and brought the amazing Lane Stroud (shooter) and Samantha Bode (editor) on board to create same-day sizzle reels for playback during the closing ceremonies.


Live video, iMag, video projection, video engineering, sizzle reel, post-production


Derek Hay, Jacob Stone, Lane Stroud, Samantha Bode, Rusty Soeung, Brian Koepke

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