Sony HD PTZ Camera – EVI-H100S

Apr 8, 2016

Jacob Installing the EVI-H100S @ a Guild Wars eSports Event

Featuring full 1080/30 HD resolution and a 1/2.8-type Exmor CMOS sensor, these little cameras are some of the most versatile robotics in the Punch Drunk arsenal. You will see this camera family deployed at a huge variety of events and installations around the A/V world. With 20X optical zoom and a weight light enough to adapt to almost any mounting situation, we love the durability and shot choice this camera can deliver.

The flexibility, feature-set, and reasonable price are what put this camera at the top of our robotics list. One of the things we have really enjoyed about this particular camera is the RS-232C/RS-422 interface protocol: this gives our engineering department plenty of fun ways to hack into the ATEM Production Studio or create our own custom interfaces. With up to six programmable preset positions (and exposure settings), excellent low-light sensitivity, and crystal clear HD images, we love having these cameras scattered around all our events.

EVI-H100S “Let’s make a connection”

Along with being a breeze to setup and program, the interface is like playing a video game. We often find our techs fighting over the coveted Robotic Camera Operator position at shows (There can only be one!). If you have never used a Sony EVI-H100S before, they’re quick to pick up. You will be up to speed in the snap of a shutter with the intuitive interface and control system.

Brian can’t believe “It works upside down!”

If you need more angles and bang-for-the-buck without a bunch of additional camera operators, the Sony EVI-H100S is a solid addition to your system. They pair nicely with most Sony cameras, especially the EX-1 and EX-3.

Or when you’re shooting in a super tight space that wont allow a traditional tripod setup? The Sony PTZ EVI-H100S packages are perfect. Our universal mount systems allow clamping to virtually any surface, truss, pipe, or rafter.

As of March 2016, we have a custom-built vibration dampening system that vastly reduces bass-speaker vibration from loud concerts, and extends the usefulness of the camera.

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