Aputure DEC LensRegain for MFT – Micro Four Thirds 0.75x Focus Reducing Adapter

May 18, 2016

Metabones blew us away a few years ago with the introduction of the Speed Booster – an optical adapter that actually increased F stops and decreased lens crop.

Now Aputure has released their version of the aperture-increasing focal adapter, but with a crazy twist: for about the same price, you get a wireless follow focus and aperture remote.

The optical focal adapter reduces your lens length by 0.75x, adds about 1 F stop of light gain, and works without the wireless remote. Plug in the electronic focus/aperture control module and power up the remote handle, and now you’ve got follow focus and aperture control at your fingertips (and thumb).

Pretty slick! Pictured here is the world’s fastest-put-together and least-ergonomic camera rig ever, assembled this way purely as a proof of concept. I strongly discourage trying to use a Rube Goldberg-style rig like this in the field…

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